Sunny Palms Fine Art Print
Sunny Palms Fine Art Print

    Sunny Palms Fine Art Print


      These two palms are iconic pillars on The Strand.

      If you're a native to the Strand, then you know these two quite well. (psst...the Strand is the bike path along the pacific coast that you will for sure get to know if you ever visit the area! Trust.) Shot on a sunny day heading from Hermosa Beach to Venice Beach. We love how these two feel like they are enjoying their day as much as we do while making our trek... 

      About this quality of our printsIf you’re looking for superior quality art print, the word for you is giclée. This printing technique is as refined as it sounds, employing high-quality archival inks on fine art papers using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer, giving you the opportunity to enjoy artwork to the fullest thanks to the special method used to preserve original colors.

      Paper Descriptions
      Smooth fine art paper combines the luxurious feel of traditional art paper with a smooth surface that highlights fine detail in images.
      Paper Weight 240gsm
      Color White
      Print Side One sided print
      Print Technique
      High-resolution large format inkjet printer with 12 colour pigment based archival inks
      Scratch-resistant. Clean with a damp cloth.
      Ships rolled in a tube.
      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester